About Outstanding Optics


Outstanding Optics

We are a wholesale eyeglass lens manufacterer located in Mount Vernon, NY. We specialize in creating the thinest lenses possible for any prescription. We carry all lens types including single vision, bifocals, trifocals, progressives and more.. We work with the top lens brands including, essilor, Zeiss, Younger, Transitions. and more to ensure we provide you with the highest quality lenses available. View our complete Lens Menu.

Outstanding Service

Nothing is more important to us than providing you with the best lenses possible for your patients. With over 40 years of lens manufactiring experience, you can always rely on Outstanding Optics to get you the right lens and on time. Outstanding Optics is family owned, and operated, now in its 2nd generation. We pride ourselves on our top notch customer care. Feel free to call with any questions, our staff is happy to help.